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After five years, the “Big Heart” has become even bigger!

2 April 2015.

Eurobank and the “Ana and Vlade Divac“ Foundation presented five-year results of the “Big Heart” project

After five years, the “Big Heart” has become even bigger!
Belgrade, April 02, 2015 – More than 8,000 children across Serbia have got places for nicer growing up during five years of the “Big Heart” project, executed jointly by Eurobank and the ''Ana and Vlade Divac'' Foundation. Thanks to more than 22 thousand users of the “Big Heart” MasterCard, more than EUR400,000 has been raised within the project, enabling the reconstruction of 25 kindergartens across Serbia.
Marking the program anniversary, plans of the “Big Heart” for 2015 at the territory of Belgrade have been presented, with a special focus on pre-school institutions for children with special needs. Together with the City Secretariat for Education and Children’s Protection, top-priority institutions will be selected, primarily kindergartens attended by a high number of children with special needs. Activities to be executed in the selected kindergartens include renovation of children’s playgrounds, equipping of sensory-integrative rooms, deployment of access ramps, purchase of special didactic devices, depending on specific needs of the selected kindergartens.
Since February 2010, when Eurobank and the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation presented the “Big Heart” project, playgrounds of 24 kindergartens and 1 primary school in Serbia have been renovated, while each reconstructed kindergarten has also received 250 books published by Laguna. In previous years, the “Big Heart” has won several awards for major contribution to CSR development in Serbia, including the “Virtus” and ”My Choice” Awards.
“The “Big Heart” represents one of the most relevant CSR projects in Serbia in recent years, with visibility of the results as its key feature. In the upcoming period, we are planning to reconstruct the playground of the Primary School for Children with Special Needs, Children with Impaired Speech and Impaired Hearing ''Radivoj Popović'' in Zemun. After this project, I am honoured that we continue to develop inclusion programs in all state kindergartens across Serbia,” said Magdalena Tatić, Head of Consumer Lending in Eurobank.
“I am proud and happy that we have had an opportunity to, together with our partners from Eurobank, do such great things and make children happy in 25 kindergartens across Serbia. Children are most important and I am glad that this year we will have an opportunity to renovate inclusive kindergartens in our capital,” pointed out Ana Divac, President of the Board of Directors in the ''Ana and Vlade Divac'' Foundation.
The “Big Heart” MasterCard card is used as any standard credit card, but its ultimate purpose is focused on improving conditions for more carefree growing up of children in Serbia. Citizens who opt for using this unique card bear no additional costs, while contributing to an important
humanitarian cause by supporting revitalisation of playgrounds and introduction of libraries in pre-school institutions across Serbia.

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