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Order for transfer of funds ahead of payment of due bonds based on old foreign currency savings

27 April 2015.

Eurobank, as the official agent of the Republic of Serbia, services the payment of this year’s due bonds Series A2015 maturing as of May 31.

Wishing to make the disposal with the Republic of Serbia’s bonds based on old foreign currency savings as simple as possible, the same as in the previous years, as of today, Eurobank offers a possibility to securities account owners to visit the Bank’s closest branch and give an order for transfer of funds Series A2015 to a Free Savings account, thus saving time and achieving additional income.

After the Client has approved the transfer order, funds will be automatically transferred to a Free Savings account on May 31, and at her/his disposal whether to continue to save or not. In addition, their funds will be at their disposal at any moment, with maximum safety and without additional costs. In case the Client does not own a Free Savings Account, s/he can open the account on the spot, upon issuing of the transfer order, says Eurobank Retail Savings Head Goran Tomić.

Only the owner of old foreign currency bonds is entitled to issue a transfer order to a Free Savings account. S/he mustpresent an account statement from the Serbian Securities Depository and Clearing House and a valid personal document (ID, passport, refugee’s ID or dislocated person’s ID).

Eurobank EFG also provides all interested citizens with an opportunity to get answers to all questions from their Savings Advisor or additional information in relation to frozen bonds payment via a special option at or by dialling toll-free Euro PHONE 0800 1111 44.

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