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“Big Heart” helping “Radivoj Popović” Primary School

11 June 2015.

New Playground for Children with Disabilities

Belgrade, June 11, 2015 – Pupils of the “Radivoj Popović” Primary School in Zemun have obtained a new playground and a Montessori classroom worth more than RSD2mn. Support to the school is a result of the “Big Heart” project of Eurobank, executed in cooperation with the “Ana and Vlade Divac” Foundation.

“Big Heart” helping “Radivoj Popović” Primary School

The playground is fully adjusted to pupils with hearing impairment, autism and speech problems, while the Montessori classroom is equipped with educational material and didactic games for stimulating psychological and physical development.

This is the 26th playground in five years of the “Big Heart” project that has been renovated owing to more than 22 thousand users of the unique “Big Heart” MasterCard card.

“The Big Heart’s mission is to make the quality of our children’s growing up as good as possible. The only true evaluation of such projects is wide smiles of children, who now have a much better quality playing and learning area. It is great pleasure to be part of the children’s future, as it is the only safe investment with no expiration date and with multiple returns,” said Magdalena Tatić, Head of Household Lending Division.

While socialising with the children, our renowned athlete Vlade Divac has said that their smile is the only measurement of adults’ success. “I am certain that this playground will motivate the pupils to make a step more in their education, understanding of the world around them, development of sports spirit and healthy competition, despite the difficulties.”

The “Radivoj Popović“ Primary School has been educating children with hearing and speech impairment for 66 years now, and it is currently attended by 53 pre-school and primary school children. The renovated playground will also make happy pupils of the two nearby special schools, and more than 400 children will spend time there. The new classroom is equipped upon the Montessori method, including toys and devices developing inner motivation and a sense of order, while the role of teachers is discreet and focused on an individual approach to each child.

The card with a big heart – “Big Heart” MasterCard card – is used as any other standard credit card, but its ultimate purpose is focused on improving conditions for more carefree growing up of children in Serbia. Retail clients who opt for this card bear no additional costs, while contributing to an important humanitarian cause by using it – reconstruction of playgrounds in pre-school and school institutions across Serbia

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