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"Big Heart” supporting “Istok” Kindergarten

1 October 2015.

New playground for New Belgrade generations

"Big Heart” supporting “Istok” Kindergarten
Belgrade, October 01, 2015 - More than 400 children from the “Istok” Kindergarten in the Bloc 61, New Belgrade, will have an opportunity to play at a new playground and study at a new Montessori classroom as of October 01. The total playground reconstruction and procurement of classroom equipment, worth nearly RSD2mn, are a result of the “Big Heart” project, implemented by Eurobank in cooperation with the “Ana and Vlade Divac” Foundation. The playground is fully adjusted to children of 2–7 years of age, while the Montessori classroom is equipped with educational material and didactic games for stimulating psychological and physical development.
This is the 27th playground reconstructed in five years of the project owing to more 22 thousand users of the unique “Big Heart” MasterCard card.
“The humanitarian, and now already traditional Big Heart campaign has made happy more than 9 thousand children across Serbia. It has also made us, adults, happy, as it has provided us with an opportunity to get away from numbers and everyday tasks and peek into the children’s world. There we see outstanding examples of cooperation, tolerance, solidarity and empathy. To use the term of the institution I represent, children are our major pledge for the future, an asset that only grows progressively over the years,” said Magdalena Tatić, Head of Household Lending in Eurobank.
The “Istok” Kindergarten, a part of the “11. april” Pre-School Institution, has been raising, educating and preparing children for a big step towards the adult world for more than 30 years now.
“The new playground and the classroom are the central points of nearly all daily activities in the kindergarten. I would like to thank Eurobank and the Foundation for enabling us to raise and motivate children to advance in a better environment. This kindergarten within the “11. april” Pre-School Institution is attended by nearly 400 children, with more than one hundred new children enrolled this year. For children, this is an oasis of fun, as well as an important point of stimulating their imagination and learning and developing a sports spirit and healthy competition,” said Mirjana Sekulić, Director of the “Istok” Kindergarten.
”We are glad to have made happy the children in this kindergarten as well, together with our partners and friends from Eurobank. There is nothing better than to see happy children playing, as only happy children become happy and accomplished adults. That is why we will always help wherever necessary to improve conditions for high-quality upbringing and education of our youngest,” said Ana Divac, Chairwoman of the BoD in the ”Ana and Vlade Divac” Foundation.
The playground opening ceremony within the “Istok” Kindergarten has also been attended by President of the Municipality of New Belgrade Aleksandar Šapić.

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