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Special cash and refinancing loan offer of Eurobank

12 October 2015.


Belgrade, October 12, 2015 – Due to great interest, Eurobank has decided to meet its clients’ needs and offer cash and refinancing three-year loan of RSD300,000, with a fixed monthly installment throughout the tenor. A loan beneficiary can by anyone with a full-time job.
The stability of the local currency and the National Bank of Serbia’s decision to reduce the key policy rate have made Eurobank’s offer the most convenient way to solve debts in a relatively short period of time. A fixed monthly installment in dinars additionally facilitates debt repayment at the time when it is very important for citizens to be able to predict their monthly expenses. Eurobank’s offer enables just that, having in mind that there are no changes in a monthly installment amount.
“Listening carefully to the needs of its clients and the situation in the banking market, Eurobank has activated its favourable cash and refinancing loans offer. An additional benefit is loan approval regardless of registered income and an opportunity for citizens to resolve their financial issues in a simple manner. This loan enables you to settle their liabilities in terms of loans, credit cards, overdraft within 3 years. A loan amount can also be significantly higher, depending on your capacities and needs,” said Dušan Mihailović, a member of the Executive Council in Eurobank.
All interested individuals are invited to come to visit Eurobank branches across Serbia or obtain additional information regarding this offer or other products and services by dialling toll-free EuroPHONE 0800 1111 44 or by visiting

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