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Eurobank Supporting Culture

25 January 2017.


By supporting the Pan Theatre's play ”She asked for it“, premiering on 28 January, the Eurobank has joined a project aimed at raising awareness about violence against women.
“As a bank that supports socially responsible initiatives, we thought it was vital to join this project so as to indicate together the violence committed against women around us. The play “She asked for it“ tells the stories of these women and shows what they are going through on a daily basis“, said Željka Ćirić Jakovljević, head of Eurobank Marketing and Corporate Communication Division at a press conference ahead of the premiere.
The play „She asked for it“, based on the works of playwrights from Serbia, Croatia, Ireland, Spain and Sweden, is directed by Ksenija Krnjaski. The reason for staging it originates from the acts of violence against women that do not receive much attention in Serbia. The project is envisaged as an omnibus composed of stories, monologues and confessions of those who have died. In addition to personal experiences, the play draws on police records and archive of femicides registered in the territory of Serbia during 2015. The stories are told by the first-person narrator. Six actresses play both the perpetrators and the victims and illustrate the solitude, upheavals and weapons used in interpersonal relationships.
In addition to the play, the project includes public debates and exhibitions of art photographs inspired by evidence taken at the crime scene.
The first public performance of the play ”She asked for it“ will take place on 28 January at the Children's Cultural Centre. Premieres are also planned to take place in Novi Sad and Niš.

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