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New service for Eurobank credit card holders

15 June 2017.


Users of Eurobank credit cards can now divide their transactions into installments thanks to a new online app. This service represents a one-of-a-kind solution available on any type of device (desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones), and Eurobank is the first bank in Serbia and the region to introduce it. For the first time, one-off user verification using text messages is also available—an innovation on the Serbian market.

“As a bank that is committed to its customers, we wanted to provide them with a quicker and easier way to divide their transactions into 3, 6, 9, or 12 installments using the online app, making money management more efficient. We are especially proud of the fact that we are the first bank in Serbia to introduce this new feature for customers. We want to invite them to try it out and see for themselves how simple and efficient it is,” says Magdalena Tatić, Head of Household Lending Division.

To use this feature, Eurobank credit card holders need to go to the bank’s website, select Installment Payment, and enter their card information. They can divide their last transaction into installments immediately—no need to register or go to a branch office—and the confirmation is sent to the registered email or phone number in a text.

If the user wants to divide any previous transaction into installments, they need to have a previously registered mobile phone number. By clicking on Show Other Transactions in the app, the user will receive a text message containing a one-off code. When the code is entered in the app, all transactions that can be divided into installments appear. If the card holder has not registered a phone number

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