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Continuation of campaign – Year of Good Deeds

22 February 2016.


Continuation of campaign – Year of Good Deeds
Belgrade, February 22, 2016 – The Thoracic Surgery Clinic of the Clinical Centre of Serbia has received new instruments for video-assisted surgery, owing to a donation of Eurobank. The new instruments will improve MD’s work in this demanding segment of surgery, providing patients with better healthcare. The donation is a part of a wider programme of contribution to the social community executed by Eurobank within its “Year of Good Deeds” campaign this year.
“We are aware of the significance of the healthcare system of a country for its successful functioning. The donation to the largest healthcare centre is a reflection of our need to pay back to the community and support those who care about the most important resource – health of the nation. In the modern world, it is necessary to take a moment and realise that CSR projects are a matter of personal awareness and conscience”, said Slavica Pavlović, a member of the Executive Board of Eurobank.
Every month of this year is reserved for at least one good deed of specific assistance to institutions of public relevance, vulnerable and marginalised groups, as well as individuals who need support in achieving their objectives and equality with other members of the community where they live.
The Year of Good Deeds continues!