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Six years of the ‘Big Heart” humanitarian project

23 June 2016.


Novi Sad, June 22, 2016 – More than six hundred children in “Maslačak” Kindergarten now can enjoy a new playground and pertaining equipment owing to the “Big Heart” project, implemented by Eurobank and the “Ana and Vlade Divac” Foundation for six years now. Nearly 25 years ago, this kindergarten was proclaimed the first ecological kindergarten in Serbia by the City Administration of Novi Sad, and the renovated kindergarten will enable even better-quality ecological activities for all age groups. The value of the donation is around RSD1.4mn. The opening of the new playground has been attended by Novi Sad Mayor Miloš Vučević.
“In addition to the title of the first ecological kindergarten, we are proud of the fact that children here can learn also in the Hungarian language, and that each year children with disabilities are enrolled to our kindergarten, with a highly qualified team of teachers working with them. Therefore, it has been very important for us to renovate the kindergarten, as our objective is to encourage the development ecology as lifestyle. We would like to thank the “Big Heart” project for knocking on our door,” noted Mirjana Đurđev, Director of “Radosno detinjstvo“ Pre-School Institution.
“We are glad that we had the opportunity to provide a new playground to the children in “Maslačak“, to help them develop imagination in the best possible way and to support the high-quality upbringing of children. This is also a huge recognition for Eurobank’s clients, who have enabled “Big Heart” to reach the kindergartens in need as quickly as possible. For six years already, we have been persisting on this road, and we proud that this project is one of the longest lasting projects in the CSR segment in our country,” said Željka Ćirić Jakovljević, Corporate Communications Manager of Eurobank.
Over the six years of the “Big Heart” project, 36 kindergartens and elementary schools across Serbia have been reconstructed.
“We are the initiators of numerous humanitarian projects, where “Big Heart” has a prominent place. We are proud of its continuity and diversity, and above all, of happiness it has provided to more than 15 thousand children in cities across Serbia,” said Ana Divac, the founder and chairwoman of the “Ana and Vlade Divac” Foundation.