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Reception for secondary school graduates in the White Palace

30 June 2016.


Reception for secondary school graduates in the White Palace
A traditional annual reception for six hundred best secondary school graduates in Serbia and best grammar school graduates in Republika Srpska has been organised at the White Palace by HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar and HRR crown Princess Katherine, with support of Eurobank Serbia.
In the presence of the diplomatic corps and Crown Council officials, best representatives of secondary schools have received commendations and suitable gifts. The speeches at the ceremony have been delivered by HRH Crown Prince Alexander II, Mr Ivan Vujačić, a member of the Board of Directors of Eurobank Serbia, and Mrs Aleksandra Ninković from the Historical Museum of Serbia.
“For a decade now, Eurobank Serbia has been committed to the mission of acknowledging and rewarding efforts invested in acquiring knowledge, expanding horizons and accomplishing professional advancement. This confirms that young generations in Serbia grow nurturing the positive system of values that will contribute to the progress of our society. I wish them all the success in their university studies, a lot of challenges and successful professional growth,” said Ivan Vujačić on behalf of Eurobank Serbia.
In addition to a commendation of the Foundation of Royal Family Karađorđević, each secondary school graduate has also received a valuable gift: a brochure of HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s Foundation of Education and a voucher for the “Mihajlo Pupin” exhibition at the Historical Museum of Serbia.
By supporting this programme for ten consecutive years, Eurobank contributes to adequate education and directing young people to pursue knowledge and improve their skills in order to develop their professional career in Serbia.