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Eurobank’s offer for parents of schoolchildren

31 August 2016.


Eurobank’s offer for parents of schoolchildren
In order to support parents of schoolchildren exposed to significant costs at the start of the school year, Eurobank has created a special offer for all clients who open a current account – an interest-free cash loan in the amount from RSD50,000 to RSD100,000 with 12-month tenor.

“Motivated by needs of parents who have significant costs in this period, particularly families with more than one child, we have created an offer to support such financial needs before the start of school. This amount is optimal for covering all expenses, and the exactly same amount is repaid within the following 12 months. This offer reflects our efforts to provide new clients with adequate financial support during this important period for every family,” said Magdalena Tatić, Head of Consumer Lending Division.

With each interest-free loan, parents also get a new school set for the successful start of school, as well as free-of-charge specialist medical check-ups every year.