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Third anniversary of exclusive partnership

9 November 2016.


Third anniversary of exclusive partnership
The contactless prepaid MasterCard payment card, offering a new approach to cost control and simple transaction execution, has been launched in Serbia for the first time. This card is launched within the joint project of Eurobank and Manchester United, marking the third anniversary of successful cooperation of these two companies.

“Eurobank represents one of the leading commercial banks, with more than 1200 employees and a half a million clients. These figures confirm the responsibility of the Bank in everyday operations – as a large employer and an institution which takes care of finances of the citizens of Serbia. Therefore, we carefully measure every step in order to maintain and improve the reputation of a responsible and stable bank , while adjusting our offer to the needs of our clients. The new Manchester-United branded prepaid card is one of the ways of achieving it,” said Slavica Pavlović, President of the Executive Board of Eurobank.

“Excellent business results so far and cooperation with one of the best football clubs in the world have motivated us to additionally improve the segment of payment cards and introduce the new Eurobank-Manchester United-branded card this year, offering an innovative approach to payments and targeting youth. The contactless prepaid payment card is the best answer to their needs. In three years since the launch of the first co-branded credit and debit cards, we have established a fan community with more than 17 thousand members so far. This is a good way to welcome members who will use the new prepaid card,” said Dušan Mihailović, a member of the Executive Board of Eurobank.

Following the business philosophy of strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, Eurobank representatives have granted a significant donation to the Futsal Club “Mungosi”. This club and the futsal school of our renowned national team member Aleksandar Kovačević are attended by around 50 children with disabilities, and this donation will represent huge support to the efforts aimed at providing equal opportunities for children with disabilities to take up sports and be equal members of the community.