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Year of Good Deeds

5 December 2016.


Year of Good Deeds
Eurobank is the winner of the Corporate Volunteering Award for the “Eurobank – Year of Good Deeds” project. The award is granted by the CSR Forum and Smart kolektiv, in the aim of recognising and promoting companies which, in addition to financial assistance, invest time and skills of their employees in local community development.

Activities within the Year of Good Deeds project were focused on more than 30 institutions of education, social and children’s welfare, healthcare system, as well as humanitarian and environmental and sports campaigns organised in the course of 2016. Within the project, the employees donated their time and know-how in holding lectures, volunteering or participating in various humanitarian campaigns. The overall value of the project exceeds EUR90,000, including EUR30,000 in financial assistance and more than 5,000 hours of the employees’ time.

“Participation in the corporate volunteering program is huge motivation, but also an award for 1,250 Eurobank employees. The objective of the “Year of Good Deeds” project is for the Bank’s employees to make the world better and strengthen the spirit of togetherness and empathy through engagement in socially beneficial initiatives, and I believe that we have accomplished that,” said Željka Ćirić Jakovljević, Marketing and Corporate Communications in Eurobank.

At end-2015, Eurobank initiated the “Year of Good Deeds” project, designed in the aim of actively engaging employees, who would assist marginalised groups and promote humanness and benefaction via a series of CSR activities throughout the year. In this manner, Eurobank sends a message to the social community that good deeds do not require huge financial investments; instead, each individual can donate part of their time and minimum of funds to those who need it the most, making the unprivileged feel as equal members of the society.