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Eurobank’s New Humanitarian Action

12 March 2018.

Sign up for a design competition for the humanitarian card “Eurobank Big Heart”

Eurobank’s New Humanitarian Action
Eurobank has begun a new social responsibility project “School Drawn for You” which has the goal of improving working conditions and learning in Serbian high schools. For every transaction which “Eurobank Big Heart” Mastercard cardholders complete, a certain portion of funds will be allocated towards renovating classrooms and cabinets as well as purchasing important equipment, without additional costs for cardholders.

Your creative choices can become the trademark symbol for the humanitarian card “Eurobank Big Heart.” We invite you to think of and send design proposals for the new card by April 20th! The winning design will be chosen by a judge panel consisting of Eurobank, Mastercard, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technological Development, and Leontina Vukomanović, Assistant Director of the Children’s Cultural Center. The winning prize will be a two-week trip to Great Britain for learning the English language!

A completed application with a written statement of agreement to policy and personal data processing along with your creative design can be sent to the address Eurobank a.d., Vuka Karadžića 10, 11000 Belgrade, Marking Sector and Corporate Communication.

Best of luck!

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