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Support for small enterprises and entrepreneurs

3 May 2018.


Eurobank, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the Development Agency of Serbia, participates in the Program of grants for the procurement of equipment for small enterprises and entrepreneurs.

“In the coming period, we will be focused on micro and small enterprises and entrepreneurs in order to help them improve and develop their business. This is one of the reasons why we have joined the Program of grants for Small Enterprises for purchasing equipment in 2018, which allows the withdrawal of grants for procuring new production equipment and machines. In this way we aim to contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the Serbian economy and creating new jobs”, said Dušan Mihailović, member of the Eurobank Executive Board.

The funds provided within the Progam can be used for the purchase of new production equipment and machines, transport and handling equipment used in the production process and internal transport, new parts and specialized tools for machines or other capital goods.

The beneficiary can exercise the right to a grant in the amount of 25% of the net value of the production equipment purchased. The minimum share of the beneficiary’s own funds is 5% of the net value of the production equipment purchased. The remaining 70% of the value will be provided from the Eurobank loan. The loan repayment period is up to 60 months, with a mandatory grace period of six months.

The Ministry of Economy and the Development Agency of Serbia in cooperation with Eurobank are implementing the Grant Scheme for Small Enterprises towards the cost of purchasing equipment providing a significant amount of designated funds. The scheme is aimed at funding the purchase of production equipment, enhancing the competitiveness of business entities, improving their business and creating job opportunities.

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