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New playground for a carefree outdoor play

14 June 2018.


New playground for a carefree outdoor play
Owing to the funds raised through the “Big Heart” affinity card and the project of the same name carried out by Eurobank and the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, children who attend Duga kindergarten of the preschool institution Jelica Obradović in Mladenovac have been provided a new playground for a carefree outdoor play. The new equipment has been installed, while the old one has been renovated and made safer for children's activities.

“Through the Big Heart project, together with our clients and in cooperation with Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, we have raised RSD 1.5 million to set up new equipment in the largest kindergarten in Mladenovac municipality. We know that time spent outdoors is highly beneficial to the development of children, and we are pleased that 500 kids will able to enjoy playing at the new playground”, said Željka Ćirić Jakovljević, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication Division at Eurobank.

The children and representatives of the preschool institution “Jelica Obradović” were also greeted by Ana Koeshall, the director of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, a partner of Eurobank in the project.
“For many years now, Eurobank and Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation have helped renovate schools and kindergartens through the Big Heart project so that children can grow up and receive education in better conditions. We are pleased to see them smiling and enjoying their play”, said Ana Koeshall, director of the Foundation.

Over the past years, Eurobank and the Foundation have renovated more than 40 playgrounds in kindergartens, a great number of rooms in schools and health institutions, all with the aim of improving conditions for the growth and development of children.

Card with a big heart - Big Heart MasterCard is a standard credit card, but its ultimate purpose is to provide children in Serbia with better conditions so they can grow up in a carefree environment. Cardholders who opt for this card bear no additional costs, and by using it, they contribute to an important humanitarian cause—reconstruction of schools and playgrounds and establishment of libraries in preschools and schools throughout Serbia.

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