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Awarded winner of the competition for the design of “Eurobank Big Heart” affinity card

4 July 2018.

The winning design comes from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Niš

 Awarded winner of the competition for the design of “Eurobank Big Heart” affinity card
Jana Novaković, a student of the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Niš, has won the competition to design the affinity card “Eurobank Big Heart”. She is awarded a two-week English language course in the UK, organized by Tourism Company KUB d.o.o., which specializes in educational trips. Eurobank will bear the accompanying costs of issuing visa, airline tickets, pocket money and travel insurance.

“We announced the competition aiming to involve high school students in designing the “Eurobank Big Heart” affinity card, and enable them to join the project ‘School Designed for You’. The competition received a great number of entries and the judging panel faced a difficult task choosing a winner. The design sent by Jana Novaković best illustrated the idea and goal of our affinity card and will be in use as from January,” said Magdalena Tatić, Head of Household Lending Division at Eurobank.

Eurobank announced a prize competition to design the affinity card Eurobank Big Heart, which was the first step in the project ‘School Designed for You’ aimed at improving working and learning conditions in secondary schools in Serbia. The competition was open to all secondary school students, aged 15 to 19, who are residents of the Republic of Serbia.

A certain amount will be assigned followingeach transaction made by Eurobank customers using the “Eurobank Big Heart” MasterCard and allocated for the renovation of classrooms and special purpose rooms, as well as the purchase of necessary equipment, without any additional charges for the cardholders. In addition, the project ‘School Designed for You’ includes lectures held at schools by guest speakers from Eurobank as well as practical classes at the Bank.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development supported the project recognizing its significance for improving the quality of education in secondary schools.
Card with a big heart – “Eurobank Big Heart” MasterCard is a standard credit card, but its ultimate purpose is to provide children in Serbia with better conditions so they can grow up and learn in a carefree environment. Cardholders who opt for this card bear no additional costs, and by using it, they contribute to an important humanitarian cause – reconstruction of secondary schools throughout Serbia.

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