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Eurobank is a general sponsor of „Book Night“

10 December 2018.


Eurobank is a general sponsor of „Book Night“
Eurobank is, for the fourteenth consecutive time, general sponsor of the “Book Night” event, organized by Laguna publishing house in cities throughout Serbia and the region.
This year, Eurobank has been marking its 15th anniversary in Serbia, as well as 15 years of dedicated work with the community where it operates. Traditional partnership with Laguna Publishing house is based on the fact that promoting culture and education is one of the Bank’s pillars of corporate social responsibility. Through partnership with Laguna, Eurobank aims to introduce values based on culture to the youngest population, by donating Laguna books to libraries of primary schools and kindergartens.

“Book Night” will take place at Laguna’s book clubs and Delfi bookstores on 14th December from 5 PM through midnight, at 57 locations in 28 cities of Serbia and the region. Books and gift program will be on sale of up to 40 percent, and readers will have opportunities to meet their favorite writers. Additionally, there will be discounts on numerous library memberships and special programs.

Cultural event “Book Night” has been taking place since 2009 twice a year, in June and December. During just one evening, over just a few hours, Laguna’s book clubs and Delfi bookstores draw tens of thousands of readers. Laguna’s book clubs in Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Tuzla, Sarajevo, Podgorica, and Nikšić upscale the event to a regional level.

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