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Continuation of assistance to Serbia’s healthcare system in response to coronavirus

30 July 2020.


Continuation of assistance to Serbia’s healthcare system in response to coronavirus
Eurobank provided RSD1.2 million for procuring oxygen flow metres for healthcare institutions in Serbia. The donation was executed via the B92 Foundation and the Serbian Philanthropic Forum, which initiated a humanitarian campaign aimed at improving treatment of patients and working conditions for healthcare professionals in medical institutions in Serbia during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our country is in the midst of an adverse health situation and we believe that it is an obligation of the whole society, especially of socially responsible companies, to express their solidarity and provide assistance to the healthcare system. By donating funds for procuring oxygen flow metres, the equipment necessary for oxygen therapy for virtually all hospitalised patients, we wish to contribute to even better quality of conditions for treating our citizens infected with coronavirus,” said Slavica Pavlović, president of Eurobank’s Executive Board.

“This year, Eurobank has won its fifth Virtus Award for CSR engagement, which best confirms the bank’s reputation in our community. The latest donation, one in a range of many related to the coronavirus crisis - of 36 flow metres worth EUR10,000 – helps patients be treated in a higher quality manner and beat the disease, and the Serbian Philanthropic Forum expresses its gratitude for that on behalf of patients and the healthcare system, as well as of the philanthropic community, with Eurobank as its member,” said Veran Matić, executive director of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum and the B92 Foundation BoD Chairman.

Eurobank regularly monitors and timely reacts to the society’s needs in respondingto challenges and it has already participated in initiatives aimed at assisting the healthcare system of Serbia, as well as vulnerable social groups. Namely, at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, Eurobank was among the first to respond to UNICEF’s appeal and donated funds in the amount of RSD6 million for procuring medical and safety equipment for treating coronavirus-infected patients. The bank also provided necessary assistance to families of children with autism from the ‘Autism Valjevo’ Association and helped LICEULICE magazine vendors, who were in a particularly difficult situation during the state of emergency by purchasing part of the magazine circulation.

In addition to participating in humanitarian campaigns, Eurobank has fully adjusted its business operations to the current situation in order to protect its employees and clients.

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