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Savings Week – Eurobank’s special offer for term savings deposits in RSD

29 October 2020.


Savings Week – Eurobank’s special offer for term savings deposits in RSD
Marking the Savings Week, starting every year on October 31, Eurobank has prepared a special offering to all the existing and potential clients for term savings in RSD. Retail clients can now benefit from an attractive interest rate with monthly interest attributed, without penalties for early withdrawal.

Stabilisation of the RSD/EUR exchange rate, as well as monetary, financial, fiscal and macroeconomic stability have contributed to growing confidence of retail clients in the local currency, which, according to the National Bank of Serbia, has risen nearly fivefold in the last eight years. An increase in RSD savings has also resulted from the fact that bank often offer higher interest rates, with a stimulating tax treatment of income.

“As a responsible player in the financial market, Eurobank facilitates growth of RSD savings in the long run, including this year’s Savings Week. We offer an attractive interest rate with monthly interest attributed to a current account at the end of every active month, with no penalties for early withdrawal, to all the existing, as well as potential clients wishing to term deposit their funds in the local currency,” – said Dušan Mihailović, Head of Retail Banking Sector.

For clients with EUR savings in the amount above EUR 20,000 wishing to convert into RSD in order to term their savings under these special conditions, Eurobank has enabled the median exchange rate conversion on the date of term deposit and the date of deposit maturity.

For clients opting for savings in the foreign currency, Eurobank has also designed attractive offers for a wide range of these savings products. Some of them provide flexibility and the option of early withdrawal without losing the interest accrued up to that point, and some allow the use of funds in the amount of 50 percent of a deposit.

For savings information, please visit the Bank’s website or some of 80 Eurobank branches across Serbia, or dial toll-free EuroPHONE: 0800 1111 44.

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