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19 August 2021.

Eurobank and Direktna Banka, which announced the agreement on merger and strategic partnership to lead to a market share of over 6.5% in early July, donated EUR 50,000 to the members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs today, as support to 52 individuals of the Emergency Situations Sector, the Helicopter Unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Medical Team, who helped their Greek peers in extinguishing fires that have been raging across this country for more than a week.

Minister of Interior Aleksandar Vulin has expressed his gratitude to the firefighters – rescuers, members of the Helicopter Unit and the Medical Team on behalf of all Serbs, the Republic of Serbia and president Aleksandar Vučić for showing the most beautiful and the bravest face of Serbia as it really is. He has reiterated that once the president gave the order to go help the brotherly Greek nation, the order was made straight from the heart of every Serb.

“The reward you have been given is the reward of gratitude you did not expect, or ask for. Not one of you embarked on this task thinking about any personal gain, how much time s/he would spend there and whether it would pose a danger to personal health, or your family. Not one of you asked whether there would be any rewards afterwards. As soon as you arrived, you started tackling unprecedented blazes,” the minister explained.

“This is the time when we need to express solidarity and provide assistance to all those in need. These are the core values of Eurobank’s business operations. We strive to be a reliable partner and adequately support the community where we live and work. Since its establishment in Serbia in 2003, Eurobank has invested more than EUR 4.7 million in support to the local community. Today’s joint donation is a form of appraisal and support to our brave firefighters, who risk their lives in order to help the friendly Greek people, battling horrific fires these days,” noted Slavica Pavlović, President of the Executive Board in Eurobank.

Upon granting of the donation cheque, Direktna Banka Executive Board president has said that the CSR nature of the first joint action of Direktna Banka and Eurobank is realized with the aim of supporting the best among us and reward bravery and persistence as a symbol and confirmation of great ventures ahead of us.

“Our firefighters battling the fire disasters in our country and, unfortunately, in the entire region, have made us feel safer because we have heroes we can count on. Also, they have made us proud, because the beautiful image of our people, empathy and dedication has been sent out to the world. We sincerely believe that the promotion of real values and direct support of our banks are the best way to help the local community and individuals and to successfully overcome all the challenges we are currently facing. Together with Eurobank a.d. we will continue to cherish the same values,” Vesna Pavlović said.

This summer, Greece is fighting huge fires, as a consequence of the strongest heat wave in the past several decades that have impacted this country. More than 100,000 hectares of land and forests have been burned, thousands of people have had to leave their homes, and a great number of tourists have been evacuated.