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The Wiener Stӓdtische Classic cover is a mixed life insurance that simultaneously allows you to save for the future and provides insurance in case of death, giving you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are taken care of in case the worst happens.

With the Classic cover you are saving for your mature age, building a capital that will help you feel secure. The money you have saved up over the years will be paid back to you in accordance with the sum insured when the insurance period expires.

Simultaneously, your life is insured for the entire insurance period.
With the Classic cover you can also purchase Wiener Städtische Best Doctors, Serious Illness Insurance and Accident Insurance.
Example: A 40-year old person, insurance period 20 years
Annual premium EUR 500 EUR 500
Sum insured EUR 9.873 *EUR 10.169 *

*The sum insured will be increased by the attributable profit

Basic conditions:
  • The insured may be 14 to 65 years old
  • The policy term may be minimum 10 and maximum 25 years
  • Minimum premiums:
200 €Annual payment
110 €Semi-annuale + 2% surcharge
65 €Quarterly + 3% surcharge
25 €Monthly + 5% surcharge

*If the premium for a new policy is paid by standing order, the client is exempt from surcharges for any payment plan that is not annual. This makes monthly payments more convenient for the insured.