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Wiener Stӓdtische Senior is a life insurance plan that covers death only. It is a good way to protect your family financially while you can.

Senior insurance cover does not require a health check, which makes it convenient for anyone between 50 and 80 years of age regardless of their health condition.

Basic conditions:

  • Only individuals between 50 and 80 years of age can be insured.
  • The insurance policy has a deferred period.
  • Minimum deferred period is two years.
  • Minimum sum insured is EUR 1,000, maximum sum insured is EUR 5,000.

Insured’s age50 50
Insurance periodLifeLife
Deferred period2 years2 years
PremiumEUR 50 per year EUR 50 per year
Sum insuredEUR 1.096EUR 1.312
Senior insurance may be combined with Wiener Stӓdtische Best Doctors, a supplemental insurance cover that provides the world’s best medical experts and top medical equipment and care. Find out more at