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Travel Isurance

Travel insurance provides full and reliable protection during travel or temporary stay abroad in case of a sudden illness or an accident. If either of these happen, we will look after you.

Why do you need insurance while travelling or staying abroad?

  • To provide you and your loved ones with fast, efficient and professional protection in unwanted situations.
  • To be looked after by professionals who will organise and monitor your treatment, and arrange your return to the country of residence.
  • Medical care is costly abroad. A travel insurance policy ensures that the insurance company, rather than you, pays the cost of medical care should you fall ill or have an accident abroad. Our insurance policy is valid for the same period as your visa.
  • Should your visa application be rejected, you are entitled to the full refund of the insurance premium you have paid.
  • A travel policy allows you to relax while travelling abroad because you have a full and reliable medical cover in case you need it.

Should you need medical assistance because of a sudden illness or an accident, you need to do the following:
  • Phone our call centre immediately on +381 11 222 1 600. Our operators are available 24/7/365. They speak Serbian.
  • Be ready to provide:
    • Policy number
    • Full name, temporary address and a contact telephone number abroad
    • The nature of the injury or illness and the type of assistance you need
    • A short description of the circumstances
  • Follow the instructions of our operators to get the assistance you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.