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Preserving the health of the entire family is the basic goal of each of us. Therefore, in cooperation with renowned medical institution BEL MEDIC, for all users of current account packages EuroPLATA PREMIJA, EuroPLATA SPORT and the Golden Ages, Eurobank has prepared MediFree programs, a unique offer in the banking market, which allows users to perform free of charge examinations by the doctors of certain specialties and discounts for user and members of his family.

Medifree Programs – Free of charge medical examinations and many other benefits at renowned medical institution BEL MEDIC

In addition to it, MediFree allows its users the following:
  • The superior medical service having in mind that the health institution BEL MEDIC employs the most eminent doctors of all specialties
  • Maximum comfort, because the examinations can be scheduled by phone (011 309 1000) and realized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at one of 3 locations in Belgrade
MediFree programs All users of EuroPLATA PREMIJA package have the possibility to use many benefits at renowned medical institution BEL MEDIC: I Unlimited number of examinations with doctors of the following specialties
  • Women
    • Internist
    • Ophthalmologist
    • General surgeon
    • Gynecologist
  • Men
    • Internist
    • Ophthalmologist
    • General surgeon
    • General practitioner
II Discounts for the user and family members
  • 20% on laboratory analysis
  • 15% on other services

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