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ATMs / Multifunctional ATMs

Automated teller machines – withdraw the cash money at any time of the day

Eurobank has a large network of automated teller machines throughout Serbia. 135 automated teller machines in 80 branch offices and in other busy and easily accessible places. APS is a machine that enables you to pay your credit instalments and your credit card instalments, as well as to effectuate incoming payments of cash money into your current account without any waiting in queues at the bank tellers.
This service in free of charge for all the Clients and it is available to our Clients during the working hours of our branch offices in which the APS machines were installed. By using an APS machine, our Clients can pay their bills and avoid hustle and waiting in queues, and this make an effective use of their free time.
For a successful use of the automated payment system services, it is necessary:
  • When making a credit card payment – insert the card into the slot machine or simply type the number of credit card manually on the keyboard of the device.
  • When paying to the current account- Type the number of current account manually on the keyboard of the device.
  • When the device confirm identification of the credit card or current account, follow the instruction on the machine and pay the money. 
  • APS device accepts all paper RSD denomination. When operation is complete, machine will print an payment confirmation that has been made.