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Sending money abroad - fast and efficient

Western Union is the world leader in electronic money transfer. Western Union exists over 150 years and offers its services in over 195 countries and territories and on over 225.000 locations worldwide.

WESTERN UNION is the leading world system for electronic money transfer, present on 354.000 locations in over 200 countries and territories in the world. The basic characteristics of money transfer through Western Union are: SPEED, SECURITY and TRUST.

Money sent through Western Union may be withdrawn in any branch office of Eurobank throughout Serbia completely free of charges within a few minutes. You just need a personal ID and control number (number provided to you by the sender).

Western Union as the world leader in electronic money transfer constantly improves the quality of its service.

With that purpose we have organized awards program named ‘’Top 50’’. Within Eurobank awards for results in 2013 were given to the following branch managers/offices:

  • Nenad Petković, Surdulica
  • Goran Crnobrnja, Beograd – Braće Jerković 123a
  • Ana Micić, Negotin
We believe that quality and recognition of service are reflected in people that give their efforts to make best possible results.

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